Monday, 7 November 2011

Ethical motivation in the Pharma and medical device industry

We read a lot of bad press about the pharmaceutical business: the high cost of drugs, supplies to third works countries, me-too new drug applications....But let's not forget the good that drugs can do and so the motivation for everyone in the industry that makes drugs to do a job that "Makes A Difference."

In industries that manufacture household goods, white goods or plumbing supplies, the motivation to produce high quality goods, deliver on time and write records or monitor processes lacks a little meaning in comparison.

If you work in the Supply of pharmaceutical products, and thousands do, don't forget to:
  • Make sure you and your team know what your drug does
  • The indication it addresses
  • What the key properties of the product are.
If you're in our Sector and you want to engage your team in any improvement activity don't forget your and your team's ethical responsibility to the patients. You are part of the same chain of custody as a pharmacist in the high street. When they check the bag, your name and address they are completing the process that you have protected through GMP, GLP, in fact all GXP!