Sunday, 7 December 2014

Junk filled Platitudes

Do you wade through your work reading (emails, reports, briefing papers) with a nagging guilt that you aren't keeping up to date with the latest thinking, research trends and hence may be missing something important?

I was reminded of Sturgeon's law recently that "90% of everything is crud" see Wiki here for more, and linking the thoughts together I tried to ease my nagging guilt. But how do you catch the 10%? Not easily is the answer. The tendency to have short blogs and even 140 character limit tweets searchable through Google does provide a medium that encourages a succinct description of concepts, ideas and research.

Still though, how many books have you picked up off of the bookshelf that is really a single concept spun out to 300 pages to feed the publishing house machines?

The many extensive, global research studies published and their executive summaries are an attempt to spread a net wide over a topic and then serve up for digestion the significant catches. Great, a means to short circuit the search for meaningful new ideas. Or so I thought.

Last week a pre-eminent body with hundreds of researchers, published key findings after an extensive global effort. Two of them were:

More companies are going to increase co-ordination of strategy and planning between their engineering and service organisations. 

Now who I ask you, would argue that it is better to reduce co-ordination?

Smart products will see a significant growth over the next three years led by high tech firms.

And that surprises you how?

Hence the title of this blog, they seem to be junk filled platitudes... to rhyme with Duckbill plat.... well you get the idea. Journalists and other professionals pride themselves on getting to the nub of the matter. To quote E.S. Bouton " True wisdom lies in gathering the precious things out of each day as it goes by."