Monday, 10 June 2013

Guerrilla Change

In recent posts, I have remarked on the response of large corporates to initiate change programs on a global scale; rolling out world-wide implementation plans. There are good, bad and (sometimes the worst), indifferent programs.

A good program can give training in new skills, access to executives to get new projects moving that wouldn't have seen light of day otherwise and secondment opportunities. They also provide more communication from on high, maybe with little relevance to the people on the ground adding the value.

There is an alternative to that: Guerrilla Change and, from my point of view, Guerrilla consulting. Here the change and the support is local, fixed on local strategies to overcome change or develop new business aims. The hall mark of many of these changes are that the audience recognise the problem, have lived with it for years, or have been telling their bosses for many quarters. Guerrilla change doesn't always get the support of higher executives. They may be too far removed to see the need or the opportunity. Successful campaigns here have many side benefits: the belief that we can make change, experience in new skills, creation of unexpected leaders and experts.

What do you need to get the bananas out for where you are?

Monday, 3 June 2013

Help at your Elbow

A couple of weeks ago I was attending The 2013 National Manufacturing Debate at Cranfield University. One of the speakers used the phrase "at your elbow", and it created a very visible image of helping someone at their desk, their work centre, at their screen. A bit like helping your son or daughter with their Maths revision or learning to read.

Workshops and training and coaching sessions can be excellent, but we have to remember that there are times when we have to roll up our sleeves and place ourself at someone's elbow to give them the help they need. 1:1 input doesn't resonate with efficient working patterns, but where would we be if we never had that experience when we were stumbling with our Green sticker readers?