Saturday, 31 December 2011

Leicester Tigers and Business Basics

My last blog on consulting skills and basketball was the most successful yet, so to continue the theme read on about Rugby, Leicester Tigers and Business basics.

Success in a game of Rugby depends on many factors, but before flair and clever hands, you have to get the basics and especially the set pieces right: Scrums, line outs, Re-starts, goal kicking.

I support Leicester Tigers, my local East Midlands Premier Rugby Team. When I visit Welford Road, the site of our home ground, the knowledgeable fans appreciate it when the Team get their set pieces right!

Well it occurred to me that there are some business basics and Set pieces that you need to have under your belt to be effective in a general business environment. Here is a list to start with, let me know your additions please:

  • Running effective meetings
  • Constructing a Project Gannt
  • A successful Routine to keep up to date with emails, voicemail, texts etc.
  • Able to write Capital investment proposals
  • Planning your time with a calendar
  • Write a one page prĂ©cis of almost anything for exec. Review.

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