Thursday, 12 July 2012

Drawing the Map from Right to Left

Starting the Value Investment Stream Map

So, lets start with the customers. Take a large piece of paper. A3 is the minimum you should start with, you will always need it bigger than this but that comes with more understanding.

And let’s remember now that understanding is the key here. The Map will help you understand where and how to get better.

On the right hand side place the real end user about a third of the way down the paper. Name them and draw a left hand looking eye, to remind us that we should always be looking at this map from their viewpoint, through the lens of the investments that they make. Just in front of that eye list out the investments that you identified for them in a vertical line, highest importance at the top, lowest at the bottom. If some were negligible then cull that and just add a footnote somewhere near the bottom of the paper in tiny writing.

When you have done that draw another eye to the left of the Investments you have listed, and below them, for the customer further “up” the stream and name them. So for instance that could be the retailer after you have already done the end user for a consumer item. Now list their investments, high to low as before.

Keep moving down and left with your “closer customers” and their investment needs.

If you have another set of customer type add them in back on the right hand side.

In the picture you’ll see I’ve added commercial cleaning companies on the bottom of the map looking at washing powder and the description above has been marked as steps 1 though 4 in red.

Last step in today’s blog is the golden thread. Highlight the Investments that are most important in yellow or gold. We will endeavor to make a “golden thread” of those activities and processes/movements that lead to those highlighted in particular.

Next we'll list out your enterprise's suppliers... on the left hand side, in the next blog.

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