Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What to do in recovery/review

So what might we do during the recovery/review period (see previous post)?

For individuals it might include:

            Re-assessing how we store and retrieve important information
            Update our list of contacts, sources
            Sign up for training, follow a few tutorials on a complex spreadsheet operation
            Find out a bit more about how another department or part of the industry works

For a Team leader:

            Carry out some cross training
            Revise some procedures that were found wanting
            Re-visit existing supplier relationships, maybe look at alternatives
            Look at your tools and equipment (software or hardware) and skills at use
For a business leader:

            Was that the sort of work we want to be doing?
            If yes, how could we do it more productively next time?
            What is the succession planning like now on reflection
            How could I use that work to build a new offering?

And lots more… let me know yours and I’ll post them.

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