Thursday, 10 April 2014

"I've got a good idea, let's restrict travel!"

Third quarter figures are looking a little dicey, analysts will be looking for a result in the guidance EPS (Earnings Per Share) range, and Sales don't just magically appear out of nowhere.

What can we do to bring the results in on course, and send a signal to the troops about how serious we are?

"Let's restrict travel!"

"Only essential travel allowed"

"All travel has to be approved by the General Manager/Senior VP/Deity"

"Corporate Travel ban"


Supply Chain improvement, good procurement, quality audits, collaborative working with suppliers, troubleshooting, developing better planning and risk management tools, Plans for every part (PFEP), discovering new vendors...

All of those involve a degree of personal interaction, especially in the early stages and hence travel. When a majority of the cost base is dependent on Supply Chain innovation and competitive advantage too, what does a travel ban do for the future of the business?

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