Friday, 1 February 2008

Site strategy

What’s the difference between a site with a strategy and a site without?

It sounds like a one-liner joke, a simplistic question, but it is at the heart of a site’s success. Machan Consulting has helped numerous businesses develop a strategy for their future: a plan to overcome far eastern competition, a roadmap to reverse poor efficiencies and customer service, a means to forge a unified workforce.

Can every site strategy deliver on all of its aims?

No, of course not. Can a site achieve them without a strategy?

Sometimes, if you’re lucky. So the answer to the one-liner? One believes in luck and the other doesn’t. Which do you want your team to follow? Have a look at our site for how to engage us and reduce your dependence on those dice. If you just feel the need for some guidance, go to our contact page on this website and ask for our free one pager “Sitestrategy guide”.
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