Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Adapt is the name of a book by Tim Harford, (Adapt Book page on Tim Harfords website) who works at the Financial Times and presents the excellent Radio 4 program More or Less (Statistics and numbers in the Public Eye, wrestled to the ground).

Adapt is a well researched and readable book that explores the concept of the need for failure in order to thrive on a Market, Corporate and Personal level. He brings together some solid thinking on what we need to do to bring that concept into successful practice.

Many books in the "business" or "personal achievement" shelves will use a simple but eye-catching phrase as the basis of their Life Elixir, and then dredge up plenty of repetitive anecdotal evidence to support it. Not Adapt. In this book, Tim stays "loyal to his readers", by using rigorous studies and trials reported in the public domain to support the work.

This excellent book is worth a read (no, I haven't received any financial reward, this is just one of my occasional book recommendations... for the others click around on Amazon, or look at Book review labels in this Blog).
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