Friday, 27 April 2012

UK Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

At the Houses of Parliament last month, I met with two people from the Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Group to discuss raising the profile of Pharmaceutical  Manufacturing in the UK Manufacturing Sector. If you are part of that Sector, read the following statements with pride.

In the UK, the Pharma Industry:

o   Employs 72,000 people directly, plus 250,000 in related industries
o   Generates £14.6B in  exports
o   Contributes £8.4B into the national GDP (out of a total Manufacturing of £140B)
o   Creates a Trade surplus of £4.3B
o   Over 12% of National Total Manufacturing Gross Value added is due to "Pharma, Chemicals and Bioscience" Sector, second only to "Food, Beverages and Tobacco."
o   That Sector has the 2nd largest sector growth in Manufacturing in the last 15 years , 2nd only to  the "Aircraft, rail, marine,and motorcycles" Sector.
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