Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Site Leadership

Are you a Site Leader?

A Site Leader is responsible for the well-being of the site at which they work. It is essential that you work there. No absentee landlords please. You will be morally responsible for the Health, Environmental impact and Safety of the people on the Site and the community surrounding you. This area may have a functional head, reporting elsewhere in a large organization, but you know it’s yours to own.

There’s an issue. 

You are part of a large organization aren’t you? You aren’t the sole arbiter of the Site’s position in that large organization. You maybe the Site Director, Operations Manager, Chief Operating Officer. Whatever the title, you are the “SoD”, the Senior on Duty, whenever you’re there. When you aren’t, someone of your choosing is.

Your site could be a Manufacturing Site, a major office, Call centre…It doesn’t matter. You are in charge. You have a team, yes, that is vital; but you carry the load.

The problems you face will be many, and occasionally serious. The performance of the site will be measured on a Global stage, but impacted by local rules, expectations and history.

I'm thinking of starting a Linkedin Group for Site Leaders to share ideas. Anyone interested?
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